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Check out some of the amazing interviews, write-ups, events, features and publications that we have been a part of! We feel so incredibly honored and blessed to have been thought of for these! 


For this interview Alex Morehouse (CEO) talked about where TGS started and how we came to be the company that we are today! Since this was a blogger feature, we focused on how TGS went from a blog to a community of creatives and talents which was not at all what we intended to do!

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For this interview Alex Morehouse (CEO) talked about TGS as a business, what inspired her to start the company, as well as what motivates her to keep it running! She also shared some tips on how to chase opportunity & what to do if there don't seem to be any in sight!

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Paola Niebla Interview

Interview by Paola Niebla

Check out this video interview of Alex Morehouse by Paola Niebla for her youtube channel! Paola takes you on a tour around our office and asks Alex questions about inspiration, the workspace, and more!

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Coachella 2017

This is a collaboration some of our girls did with Eureka! during Coachella Weekend 1 2017! Give this video a watch!

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Rex yu photographer

This publication was facilitated by TGS (PR Editor) for our member Rex Yu! Rex had an amazing team on board: Destiny Tran (stylist), Vivi Ruben (model), Susie Salazar (MUA & Hair)

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Jude Salazar Jethro Alaba Promo Magazine

"American Baby" for PROMO Magazine

This amazing publication was facilitated by TGS (PR Editor) with TGS photographer Jethro Alaba, TGS Talent models Jude Salazar and Matison Card and of course more amazing creatives so check out this latest issue to see the whole story

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"Hollywood Forever Young" For SHUBA Magazine

This amazing photoset was captured by our photographer Rex Yu and was created by an amazing team - this is one you'll definitely need to check out!

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Rex Yu Alice Magazine

'Drive" for Alice Magazine

This photo set is amongst some other amazing stories and pieces of work from other rad creatives. TGS Talent Photographer Rex Yu does it AGAIN and you'll definitely need to see this one in print

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alex Morehouse ella degea apple pie mag

"Joshua Tree" for Apple
Pie Magazine

We were out in Joshua Tree for a social media free weekend with 8 other creatives. Ella and I had never shot together but had the idea do something a little more raw, real, and artistic while of course keeping things tasteful and refined. I haven’t worked out in the last two months or so, so doing a shoot with absolutely nothing to cover me was a very empowering moment.

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Julia copie ella degea tgs

“Fall Feeling” for New Face Magazine

This was an amazing TGS team with model: Julia Copie, photographer: Ella DeGea, wardrobe stylist: Alexia Castillo, and makeup artist: Kelly Goldsack! Make sure you

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“Desert Heat” for Period Magazine

This was another scorcher shot in 115+ degree heat in Joshua Tree! Our kick ass duo: Larissa Raquel and Alex Morehouse absolutely killed this shoot bringing some high fashion sass to print!

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rex yu Lucy's Magazine

“Revenant” for Vulkan Magazine

This killer set was granted the cover and we’re pretty stoked on the spread - channeling those old school western vibes this whole set seeps of nostalgia.

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From OC Style Report: "Our favorite part of this job is bringing you great local style. Through our own fashion editorials and those of others. There are so many amazing creatives here is Southern California, and we love being a platform to showcase that creativity. This editorial was a creative endeavor by the team at The Gypsy Shack. Inspired by festival season and how that vibe translates into our overall summer style."

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This interview was with Alex Morehouse (CEO) about the importance of morning routines. Ideamensch asked a community of entrepreneurs to share some of the details of their productive morning routines, and "one of our biggest takeaways is that it doesn’t matter “what” you do in the morning because everyone does things differently. What matters is that you take deliberate action rather than starting your day in a reactive state. Taking control of your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day."

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Salyse Magazine TGS Rex Yu Jenna Tollefson

This cover story "Fields" by TGS Members Rex Yu and Jenna Tollefson is a dream! Read the whole story & interviews on the team!

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Makeup Artist Magazine

Check out this amazing event Alex Morehouse (CEO) and Kyrsta Morehouse (TGS Makeup Artist) attended early January, 2018! They attended this event alongside some of the biggest names in the industry!

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Matison card rex yu Kyrsta Morehouse

"Spring Awakening" for IMIRAGE Magazine

This publication was facilitated by TGS (PR Editor) for Imirage Magazine with TGS Talent Photographer Rex Yu, Model Matison Card, and Makeup Artist Kyrsta Morehouse.

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rex yu photographer

"Sailing Away on the Amethyst" for ELEGANT Magazine

This publication was facilitated by TGS for our Talent Agency Photographer Rex Yu. You'll wanna see what his amazing team created!

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scorpio jin rex yu fury road

"Fury Road" for SCORPIO JIN magazine"

Fury Road is hot, sexy, sweaty, and has SUMMER written all over it! Our TGS Talent photographer Rex Yu has been published and got the cover so you'll definitely need to order this one!

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swept away tgs shuba magazine

"Swept Away" for SHUBA Magazine

This fun team of collectives put together a full TGS team and created a beautiful story that was picked by Shuba Magazine for one of their summer issues!

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SD Voyager Alex Morehouse TGS

Interview with SD Voyager

This interview is with CEO/Founder Alex Morehouse about the challenges of starting a business and about the different opportunities she's found being a female entrepreneur!

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Rex Yu Lucy's Magazine

“From Russia, with Love” for Lucy’s Magazine

This amazing set was shot by Rex Yu who is signed to our agency and it’s a real head turner… These babes and this entire team pushed this production to the NEXT LEVEL!

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“Fall Bliss” for FADDY Magazine

New York model/blogger Jackie came out to Cali and created this amazing set with our LA Based photographer Ella Degea! This is a fall set you won’t want to miss!

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chloe .jpg

“Subtle but Bold” for Surreal Magazine

This kick ass team led by our dude Rex Yu did it again! Published as a feature story with a full interview, this set seriously acts as inspiration for any kind of creative.

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This interview was with TGS Stylist (and model) Taylor Brady about the shoot that she worked on with TGS Photographer Rex Yu. This shoot was featuring Tasha Courtney and gives an overview of some amazing SoCal Summer Fashion tips and trends from threads we borrowed from Vagabond Honey!

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Heidi Vintage Record TGS Shoot (2 of 90).jpg

Hey baby, for the record - This publication in Cake Magazine was featuring a RAD team of creatives from TGS. Rex Yu (photographer) Heidi Jane (model) and Janelle Lindquist (stylist.) Wanna read the article?

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ARCHIVE is our own personal magazine - we have a new Issue published on the first of every month! Geared towards our members, this is a platform that offers publication and distribution to our creatives!

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Alex Mid-Century-532.jpg

This interview with Alex Morehouse (CEO) is conducted by Voyage LA about TGS Collective & Talent Agency!

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Sterling Reed Shuba Magazine

"Fields" for SHUBA Magazine

This publication was facilitated by TGS (PR Editor) for our Talent photographer Sterling Reed! This is a rad set so make sure to:

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Road Trippin' Promo Mag

"Road Trippin'" for PROMO Magazine

This story was put together by an amazing FULL TGS TEAM! Models/Stylists: Christy Soeder and Jackie Fernandez. Photographer: Daniel Brittain. Makeup Artist: Alex Flores. This is a gorgeous summer vibe Joshua Tree set that you won't want to miss!

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shuba magazine Daniel Brittain alex Morehouse

"Desert Mornings" for SHUBA Magazine

This photo series was shot during our Joshua Tree UNPLUGGED weekend in August of 2018 by Daniel Brittain! Model was of course our CEO herself, Alex Morehouse!

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kaygod magazine Jude salazar sterling reed

"Welcome to Graceland Inn" for KAYGOD Magazine

This story was shot at one of our meet up locations with TGS Talent model Jude Salazar and TGS Talent Photographer Sterling Reed. The clothing was all pulled from Long Beach Boutique, La Bella, and you definitely will want to check out these looks!

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alex Morehouse salyse magazine Justin cook

"A Malibu Summer" for Salyse Magazine

This publication shot by Justin Cook MADE THE COVER! That's right! Shot in Malibu this is the perfect summer story!

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Ella Desea

“A Desert Mirage” for Elegant Magazine

TGS babes Jaenna Wessling (model) and Ella DeGea (photographer) knocked this one out of the park! These were all taken in 100+ degree weather in Joshua Tree during one of our UNPLUGGED social media free weekends!

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Katya rex yu rekt mag

“Treats” for Rekt Mag

Rex Yu brings us another kick ass webitorial that you won’t wanna miss - this time featured online for Rekt Mag!

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Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 11.52.43 AM.png

“Fury Road” for Scorpio Jin’s Best of 2018 Issue

They loved this set so much they published it twice! That’s right! After months of curators picking their favorites, our dude Rex Yu made the cut again and was selected!

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