What is TGS?

The Gypsy Shack is a creative collective and we also launched a separate Talent Agency with no height, weight, or measurement requirements cuz thats a bunch of bullsh*t. We promote unity, positivity, diversity and authenticity in our members and as a company. We host meet ups, mixers, send out for publication, have our own magazine ARCHIVE, help companies with content creation and management, amongst many other things! Our new podcast TGS RADIO also just launched and you can hear a new one each week on Wednesday mornings!Check out our site and feel free to say hi or ask any questions by visiting our CONTACT page! 

upcoming events and meet ups:

  • June 23rd - Shoot & Chill Meet Up & Models/Photographers Workshop 12-4 (tickets needed to attend - CLICK HERE to claim tickets)
  • June 23rd - Wildwood Canyon Meet Up Yucaipa, CA ( 12241 Canyon Dr. Yucaipa, CA 92399) 3pm-sunset hosted by Tori Stanton
  • June 24th - Food Photography Workshop at Pollen with Alex & Daniel (tickets needed to attend - CLICK HERE to claim tickets)
  • June 30th - Social Gathering at Arts District Brewing from 2pm-6pm (FREE tickets CLICK HERE to claim yours)
  • July 14th - New York Meet Up hosted by Christy Soeder and Alex Morehouse 12-2 & 2-4 (CLICK HERE to claim your tickets) *ticket link coming soon 
  • July 14th - Balboa Fun Zone Meet Up in Collaboration with MPSociety 1pm-5pm (free event open to everyone)
  • July 19th - TGS Mixer with live performance by Sofia Zorian 5pm-8pm (free event but CLICK HERE to RSVP) *ticket link coming soon 
  • July 27th-29th UNPLUGGED Weekend for TGS members only in Palm Springs *ticket link coming soon 

Wanna Join TGS Collective?

Here at TGS we offer all kinds of great opportunities. You can apply to join our Collective which is where everyone on the team is!

We believe in internal growth and in supporting, growing, and helping flourish the amazing creatives that join the team.

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We're starting off by representing male and female models and photographers in the Los Angeles area! Only Collective members can apply as we promote growth from within so make sure to apply if you're interested! We've got a killer roster so make sure to check them out! We have no height, weight, or measurement requirements because that's bullish*t! 

Visit TGS Talent



Want to know more about TGS?

Alex Morehouse (@chiefwolfblood) gives you the whole story on how TGS came to be, why we do what we do, and why you'll wanna join!

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