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Member Monday: Alyssa Ren

The Gypsy Shack
Member Monday: Alyssa Ren

This week we interviewed fashion blogger & stylist,

Alyssa Ren


Tell us about yourself!

Hi, my name’s Alyssa Ren. And I’m a Long Beach local fashion blogger. I started my blog about 2 years ago when I was at a point in my life where I was craving the need for a creative outlet and wanted to pursue fashion seriously. Styling has always been what I loved most about fashion. It’s the art of personalizing and tailoring an outfit to your unique individuality and making it your own. I started assisting celebrity stylist Ade Samuel, and had the opportunity to work with Big Sean, Kelly Rowland, and Jhene Aiko. But I wanted to showcase my unique style more, which brought me to blogging. And ultimately led me to TGS as both a model and stylist.


What inspired you to pursue your current creative path?

I’ve always loved fashion and styling. And my current job for the last 6 years is quite honestly, a boring desk job. I felt almost suffocated not having any sort of outlet to express myself. So creating my blog was necessary as an outlet and a portfolio of my work. The more I shot my outfits the more I found I loved modeling too. 


How did you find out about tgs?

How did you find out about TGS?
A year into blogging I was experimenting with different photographers when one suggested I join TGS as a model. That’s when I met Alex.


Why did you decide to join?

I needed a platform where I could create among like minded individuals and that’s exactly what TGS is. It’s provided me a space to meet more creatives, collaborate on different projects, and it’s inspired me to continue perfecting my craft. Also, just Alex herself. I think she wants everyone in TGS to be the best artist they can be and has continually helped me improve and I know she does the same for every other member. She is the ultimate hype man. 


Where do you draw inspo from?

I find so much inspo from Instagram. Sometimes I get hooked just on the explore page. But a few of my faves are: 
Monica Rose
Sasha Samsonova 
Drew Ginsburg of Dylan Lex. She’s the founder/designer of an insane accessories line, but her style is even more insane. 


Fave aesthetic, look or theme when shooting?

I love a moody vibe. Personally I feel it looks more editorial and high fashion that way and even elevates a casual look. 


Do you have creative friends you like to meetup and brainstorm with?

Not really, which is why TGS has been so crucial for me. I have the opportunity to attend meet ups or network with other creatives to collaborate. 


Random stuff about you 

Modeling was never my main focus when I started my blog, but it developed naturally and I discovered how much I loved it. Since then I’ve also dabbled in acting and that’s my next goal. I want to do more acting and broaden my medium.

Thanks for reading! Check back to see who we interview next week!