The Gypsy Shack

Member Monday: Alexandria Wells

The Gypsy Shack
Member Monday: Alexandria Wells






Tell us about yourself!
I am an LA based Model, Actress and Writer!
To be completely honest, growing up I was surrounded by a lot of darkness; violence, drug abuse, etc. So when I finally got out of it, accepting love was my next feat, towards others and myself which is why my main message is about self love and finding your strength in vulnerability.
My anxiety and lack of self love crippled me so I created a secret Instagram away from anyone I may have known from school or ‘the real world’ where I could practice self love and try to let out what I had gone through and turn it into something that would help me feel better. When strangers started responding to it, it truly shocked me and completely melted my heart! I was just using Instagram as a creative escape but realizing that my honesty and vulnerability can actually help others has brought so much light and healing to my life and has created a passion for art and story telling I could never have imagined!


What inspired you to pursue your current creative path?
My core passion for story telling has now trickled into many creative fields: Modeling, Acting, Writing, Music but it all truly started with my pride for my heritage.
I am Hopi and Apache Native American and I was raised but the strongest most beautiful soul I could possibly imagine. My nana taught me to feel music in my veins and to speak up even if my voice shakes. She rescued me from darkness and taught me what it was to be a fighter, a warrior. She taught me the story of our people and all the injustice that they continue to endure due to purposeful lack of education. It is in my blood to tell people’s stories, to tell the truth and help people be compelled to justice.
My ancestry and personal journey lead me to activism at an early age so my passion for Modeling and Acting ( and writing and music and fashion and who knows what the hell else I get myself into) is directly correlated to my dedication to Social Justice. 


How did you find out about TGS?
I’m a pro Insta stalker so I think I bunny holed my way to Alex Morehouse’s Instagram through a friend of a friend to a pretty stranger to a couple dozen more on to the 7 foot tall goddess skyscraper that is Alex Morehouse and then walla: The Gypsy Shack


Why did you decide to join TGS?

When I moved to LA I got into this unexpected slump and by slump I mean really heavy depression. I was so excited to just be inspired and be surrounded by art and creative, good people but when my Sunshine goggles faded I felt lonelier than ever? Everyone was beautiful and outwardly motivated and aesthetically artistic but I wasn’t finding any depth, any REAL soul connecting.
I realized that everyone was a little sad inside and dealing with their own heaviness but just weren’t talking about it? Like they were only allowed to be “pretty” and to express “pretty” feelings so they were bottling up all the real stuff, the ugly truth. I found TGS at a very discouraged time and it changed everything! To find a group of creative, GOOD people with pure, inspired hearts? It was a LA game changer for sure. TGS is a TRULY all inclusive, welcoming safe space and that is everything I believe in.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I get in my head waaay more than I would like so sometimes it can be pretty tricky to pull myself out but Music ALWAYS helps. I’m a real Classic Rock gal so put The Doors on and a glass of Rosé in my hand and I’m unstoppable. 


Fave aesthetic, look or theme when shooting?  
I am a real sucker for a moody, warm portrait. When you look at a picture and it just feels like you’re sipping on Bourbon and sitting in front of a Bonfire, I liiiive for that! So really anything in that realm whether it be color tones, wardrobe or location, I’m a Southwestern Rock Girl at heart.


Do you have creative friends you like to meetup and brainstorm with?
Yes! I am so grateful to have found my people here in this crazy, big city! They are all so different in so many ways but their hearts all so pure and inspired and wow do I love them like they’re my children. So proud. They are everything, simple as that.

Most interesting story revolving around your creative medium?
Well, early into living in LA I realized I was going to have to get creative with income if I wanted to try and give a go at a creative freelance career so I decided to buy an old school bus and renovate it into a house on wheels that I could rent out for photo shoots/music videos/short films/Airbnb! Which I started doing and it was going well for a bit when it got broken into and I had to move it to a new location. Some time had passed and it was safe and then LA had it’s crazy week of nonstop rain and I wasn’t able to check on it. First night of no rain I pull up near the bus and this homeless man steps out with my guitar on a strap around him, clearly making himself right at home. I was furious! I asked him if that was my guitar or his and he said, “It’s yours.” I was mad but surprised he told the truth when he could have just lied. I stepped in the bus and my heart sank. It was disgusting, completely demolished. I was so angry and heartbroken I felt nauseous. The homeless man went on to tell my boyfriend and I how, “There were a bunch of young thugs causing trouble in the bus” and that he ran them off and has been staying in and protecting our home until we came back. Which to a furious, rational me sounded like a load of bull. What a convenient story to not have to take responsibility for all this damage right? He went on telling me his life and journey and how God was leading him. This was all happening so quick and I was just trying to figure out how to deal with this as it was midnight and the bus was packed in it’s spot by surrounding cars. There was no way I could move the bus tonight and if I couldn’t move it then if I told him he couldn’t stay in it then whose to say he wouldn’t just go right back in it when I left? So I chose to say that I appreciated his honesty and that he wasn’t being violent or irrational and that he could stay in the bus until we were able to move it (because honestly he couldn’t have damaged it anymore than it already was). He immediately started crying and expressing his gratitude and how he was going to “clean it up real good” for us. My boyfriend and I said goodnight and went home somewhat laughing at how absolutely ridiculous all of this was. Now we had a completely demolished schoolbus with a pet hobo, great! Awesome.
The next day we went to go see if the bus was still packed in by surrounding cars and it was! But when we went inside the bus it was magical, like nothing had happened! He cleaned it all up and put flowers in a vase for us and wrote us beautiful letters. It was such a sweet moment. We were reassured by his goodness and also felt a little shitty about assuming the worst. We allowed him to stay in the bus for the rest of the week. Each day we would take him breakfast burritos and sit and listen to his stories and poetry. He never even did as little as touch my hand but I felt him so much. He was connected to The Universe and so in tune with his spirituality in ways that I truly could not even fathom. He doesn’t have anything, he doesn’t need anything, he doesn’t even want anything! He simply just lives day to day listening to God and experiencing the world. He doesn’t judge anyone or anything just experiences everything around him. Today he finally left and said to me, “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” And I can truly say that that and Jonathon Keith Votte will stick with me forever. 


Random stuff about you?

in person I can be just a sweet, little ball of anxiety really. Or a complete protective Mama Bear that will destroy people whole if they mess with people I love (or just people that I feel like I need to protect, those without a voice). Also a Bourbon lovin’ Dancing Queen. That is all folks x.