The Gypsy Shack

Do You Believe in Magic?

The Gypsy Shack
Do You Believe in Magic?

Now we aren't the biggest arithmetic fans... but this is an equation that even we understand: 

Cleobella + Natalie B. Jewelry + Amanda Walker behind the lens = MAGIC

We create our own realities - so why not make it mystical, beautiful, and inspiring? Amanda Walker did just that - she captured everything beautifully and somehow was able to hone in on the detail and the emotion and passion that was put into this collaboration. She was sent to me by the god's of photography and I will be forever thankful for the friendship I now have with this amazingly talented & sweet creative!

Cleobella has always been an inspiring powerhouse that I've kept my eyes on over the years - their bohemian vibes mixed with rich, deep soulful color. The detail that is a part of each garment, the fringe cascading down from their signature handbags and clutches, the comfort and feel of the fabrics against your skin make you never want to take them off! Oh and don't even get me started on their boutique in Sunset Beach; it is as beautiful if not more than you'd expect - fun textiles drape the walls, colorful throw pillows accent the open space, and of course the adorable boho backyard that is now going to call my name in my dreams!

Natalie B. Jewelry is a brand that only recently caught my attention, but  it was love at first sight, as well as an instant obsession. Iris and I are still working on our Gyspsy Shack jewelry wall, but it's no exaggeration when I say that we are fully stocked on NBJ - but hey! No complaints here! Her boho SoCal mixed with NY chic vibes work with almost any outfit - but paired with Cleobella....


Want to visit Cleobella Boutique? Trust us, it won't disappoint! As adorable as their collections, their little shop can brighten even the darkest of days!


16792 14th St
Sunset Beach, CA 90742

Phone number: (562) 310-2911