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Adventures in the city of angels

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Adventures in the city of angels

Sometimes people come into your life... and it's as if they had always been there; like you were meant to find them. Well this happened to me - and let me tell you one of the biggest lessons I've learned in the last year or so: things happen for a reason.

This world is so much smaller than we think and everything and everyone is in reach if we just get over our own fear of failure. I reached out to Katie (AKA @beachhkat) via Instagram because I loved her style and just had to shoot something with her! She said she was available and wanted to collaborate, so we started from there and figured out a morning for me to meet her in LA!

Friday morning rolled around... 4:30am to be exact... and I got up, showered, pulled clothes that we could use and did my hair and makeup. My first mistake? Forgetting to make coffee... That resulted in my dumbass putting the wrong address in my phone, causing me to drive all the way to Burbank. (nice going Alex) So once I rerouted myself and showed up about forty minutes later than scheduled (professional... I know) Katie came to meet me out front and brought along her friend Hannah to help assist and keep things running smoothly during the shoot!

 They were both the sweetest girls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! They were genuine, positive, fun, and their friendship and the love and respect they had for one another was clearly evident! These are the girls you just wanna hate... but you can't because you're too busy girl crushing on them - hard! Talk about bestie goals! Iris and I need to take notes ;)

We jumped in Katie's car and started adventuring around downtown Los Angeles; to bridges and brick buildings, flower walls and shadows... we were goofing off, laughing, twirling, and skipping our way through the city; after maybe an hour of knowing each other, we were having meaningful, deep conversation, the kind you have with your close circle of friends or your sister. We shared issues we personally struggled with, we talked about society and it's idea of perfection, and how all of us have insecurities and things we wish were different about ourselves. And we also talked about wanting to share our stories and help others who have struggled with the same issues (project coming soon - stay tuned!) Sometimes people just click, and somehow we became pretty damn good friends in a matter of hours!

Have you ever had people like that come into your life? Where you meet and know that great things are going to happen, and that they'll be playing a huge part in it and standing by your side? Well I did. And boy did I get lucky!

These girls are f*cking RAD! And not to mention the photography skills of Katie are out of this world!! I am so excited to see the magic we'll make on all of our future projects together! You girls are seriously the best & I am so excited to add you to our girl gang! 

Xoxo Alex  


P.S. keep your eyes peeled for a fun collaboration coming up with two of our fave members of our girl gang:


Adventures in the City of Angels