alex flores

Alex Flores

makeup artist

Your Location: Santa Clarita, CA (Northern Los Angeles)

Years of Experience: 9 years of living my dream doing what I absolutely love!

Degree/Background: 2008 MUD Make-Up Designory Graduate. Master Makeup Course; beauty, bridal, avant-garde, life style, editorial, high
fashion, air brush, character, cuts, bruising, prosthetics, and
special effects makeup.

Why you joined TGS: I love being a part of a team who are all
collectively rooting for each other to win. The fact that we all get
to grow with each other and are constantly inspired to create and
collaborate, not just within TGS, but with countless retailers,
artists, and brands across the industry is such an honor! I'm
incredibly proud and beyond happy to be a part of the #goodvibetribe

Hobbies: >>Catch me outside<< But seriously you'll probably catch me
*LEGITIMATELY* outside enjoying mother nature the way she was meant to
be enjoyed, by endlessly exploring the beauty and majesty that is this
Earth. Other obsessions include; *My dog*, Star Wars, Indiana Jones,
Game of Thrones, West World, and Stranger Things.

Favorite Food: PIZZA ((infinity heart emojis)) Pizza is the greatest
food to ever be invented on the planet.