This collaboration center is run by me! 

Alex Morehouse (@chiefwolfblood)! It's amazing to see the progress and changes that have been happening to The Gypsy Shack over the last year and a half! Myself and Iris (my best friend/old roomie) started TGS as a blog because we wanted to share our real, crazy, food and adventure centered lives as best we could through photos and a couple short stories about our times with rad photographers & super cool boutique owners!

A year and a half later, our position has shifted a bit! The Gypsy Shack is now not only a blog, but I have turned it into a collaboration hub for creatives and businesses seeking aid in content, promotion, or potentially growing into omni-channel sales! We host workshops, classes, meet-ups, family vacations, amongst other fun things! We also launched our no heigh, weight, or measurement required Talent Agency and also have started our own monthly publication ARCHIVE. I've spearheaded TGS as our CEO/Founder and "Lead Collaborator," and I am so excited for the magic that's about to happen!

Our photographers, MUA's, stylists, videographers, models, etc. have helped me build content and have helped in bringing The Gypsy Shack to life! I couldn't have done any of this without the help of all of these amazing and talented people!


I'm proud of our purpose and goals which all revolve around helping and supporting creatives as well as movers and shakers of our community! I'm stoked to have such a talented group of people to work with! Our team is growing daily and we can't wait to show you all of the magic we've been creating with the TGS family!  


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Also TGS TALENT Launched!

Check out our rad talent and make sure you join the TGS Collective, as only collective members can apply! We're starting off by representing male and female models in the Los Angeles area, and will open up representation to photographers, etc. in the new year!

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All photos on this site were taken by photographers who are either part of the TGS team, or who have collaborated with us on fun projects!